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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I like to describe myself as a corporate marketing escapee. I am also a lover of being out in nature, being creative, spending time with my family and I really love helping people get their marketing right.

I previously worked in corporate marketing roles for over 26 years’, I have a degree in media communications and a post graduate diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I also hold a diploma in Executive Coaching. During my corporate marketing career I worked in many marketing disciplines from PR, marketing communication, digital marketing, product marketing, marketing proposition and across a range of industry sectors from construction, business services and IT technology, and training. These industries didn't always have a much of a focus on being ethical or sustainable in their practices and often lacked the human element putting profit before anything else and this frustrated me.

For a large part of my career I was a single mother and I often worked long hours struggling for a life-work balance but felt trapped needing the financial security. Although I enjoyed my work I longed to work for companies I really believed in and for an escape away from corporate politics, to spend time with my two daughters and to explore my creativity. I wanted what I did to be so much more meaningful than making a big corporate company more profitable. This is why I really appreciate helping small businesses that want to do good grow while also having a better life-work balance and to market in ways that are more ethical, inclusive and sustainable.

In 2020 I was made redundant. At the time I was ill which was later diagnosed as Covid-19 and then Long Covid. Suffering from chronic fatigue forced me to stop and rethink my life and what was important. I knew that when I recovered I didn't want to go back to my old corporate life and I wanted to make a change to be able to make a difference by doing something I really cared about. While unable to work full time due to my illness I focused on what had previously been a hobby - Rebecca Oxenham Jewellery- hand making nature inspired jewellery using recycled silver and selling my pieces at craft fairs and online. This gave me a great insight into running a small sustainable business and being a business owner.

During this time I realised how much I enjoyed marketing my business and working for myself and having a creative outlet. I wanted however to do more to help others. I believe that marketing can a powerful force for doing good and so I decided to offer freelance marketing services for small businesses that want to be more sustainable in their practices.

Rebecca Oxenham Jewellery continues to operate alongside my freelance marketing business because making jewellery and marketing are my two passions. Some people have told me that this is a strange combination and that I must choose one or the other but I make my own choices and I love doing both and juggling the two has never yet been an issue.


Diploma in Executive Coaching, Executive Coach Studio
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing
BA (Hons) 2:1 Media Communication
Digital Marketing Certificate, Google Digital Garage
Digital Networking Strategies, LinkedIn
Search Engine Optimisation, Google

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