Marketing mentoring

Mentoring and guidance from the absolute basics of PR, Canva, and social media to creating a marketing strategy

I offer a safe space in which I use a combination of mentoring and training to help guide you build a powerful purpose led and sustainable marketing strategy and can offer marketing know how and techniques that will fast track your progress. This is a space of non judgement where you can feel safe to discuss anything that may be holding you back. We will always be realistic ensuring your chosen methods protect your energy to prevent you from overcommitting to your marketing strategy.

During the sessions we will hone in on your purpose - your driving force.  It is your 'why' and shapes your 'how' as well as your 'what.' Realising and evolving your purpose can help you innovate your products and services and create a deeper connection with your customers. It shapes your values, your mission and your vision and underpins all your marketing promotion and how you connect with your customers.

Together we can build a strong sustainable and inclusive marketing strategy that can be broken down into smaller steps. Then you can choose either to do these yourself or outsource your marketing actions. In addition I can continue offering mentoring and training for individual marketing actions from how to do your own PR, the basics of copywriting, use of Canva for design work or social media management training.

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"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself" Peter Drucker

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